Girls’ Boarding School

15 girls from socially disadvantaged families are being looked after at Talitha Kumi Boarding School. They live in small groups supervised by a counselor and supported by young volunteers from Germany.

Talitha Kumi was founded in 1851 as an orphanage for Palestinian girls by the Deaconesses of Kaiserswerth. At that time nobody felt responsible for ensuring that girls were well looked after and educated. Today, girls learn alongside boys at Talitha Kumi, but the boarding school for girls still remains at the very heart of our school.

Talitha Kumi is like a second family for the girls, a place where they can truly thrive. Back home, their everyday life was plagued by numerous problems such as instability and neglect, but now Talitha Kumi has become their very own safe haven. By enjoying protection, community, and encouragement, they are free to develop self-esteem and independent personalities – what a wonderful experience! When the girls leave Talitha Kumi, not only will they have acquired a good education, they can also become role models for other young girls and women in Palestine.

Talitha Kumi boarding school receives no public funding. As many girls come from disadvantaged families, very few parents can afford school fees or accommodation costs. The boarding school exists on the revenue generated by the school’s guest house, as well as income from group sponsorships and donations.