Talitha Kumi Community College in Palestine near Bethlehem

The Community College

Talitha Kumi was able to open Talitha Kumi Community College in 2000, specializing in hotel business careers up to diploma level. The graduates receive certificates accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Education and Training for Careers in the Tourism Sector

We aspire to give everyone the chance to be successful in his or her life and to become a respected, active member of our society. Moreover, we want our students to explore and develop their distinct skills and talents. So we accept each and every student who has passed the Tawjihi, irrespective of the grade achieved. To enrich the burgeoning tourism sector with a qualified labor force, we provide our students with a detailed knowledge of hospitality; this is achieved not only through theory courses, but also through extensive on-the-job  training in related businesses. By exchanging experiences with various specialized colleges locally and abroad – e. g. with Hotel Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus in Berlin and Evangelische Bildungsstätte auf Schwanenwerder (Berlin) – we are also striving to improve the standard of our education in the long term. In the last years the number of students has risen to 100.

Admission: Students can attend Talitha Kumi Community College after the twelfth school grade. To do so, the applicant must provide evidence of a good level of spoken and written English and take an interview with the college staff. Needed papers: Personal Identity card, Birth certificate, Tawjihi certificate both school and government, 2 personal pictures. Time of applying: June – End of August.

Graduation: To graduate from Talitha Kumi Community College, candidates must successfully complete all the mandatory courses in four semesters by scoring a minimum accumulative average of 60 percent.

Diploma after two Years of Studies

Students can choose between three different courses of study:

Students of Hotel Management will learn not only about management and business communication, accounting, and economics but also about hospitality, food production, and housekeeping. These skills will be enhanced by on-the-job training in related companies. The students will also receive language instruction to improve their competence in both Arabic and English. Students of Food & Beverage Management will learn about food production, hygiene, healthy nutrition, and tourism. They will acquire German language competence, as well as improving their English. Their skills will be reinforced by on-the-job training. Students of Rooms Division Management will gain knowledge of reception, housekeeping, and communication technology while also becoming proficient in marketing, economics, and sales, all enriched by on-the-job training in related companies.

Vocational Education and Training Centre

For students without the Tawjihi secondary school examination or those who left school after tenth grade, the center offers the following training programs (with certificates accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor): Cooking course, Secretarial work, Executive secretarial labour, Housekeeping, IT course, English or German Language course, Specialist courses in Hotel Management and Tourism.

Vocational Course in Cooking

Within ten months students will develop skills in the English language, service, cost control, menu planning, nutrition, and food science. Moreover, they will learn how to cook traditional and international cuisine. Lessons will take place two days a week in the teaching kitchen of the Talitha Kumi Community College and will be supplemented four days a week by practical training in the hospitality service industry.


Talitha Kumi Community College
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